Thu, 27 Oct 2016 13:40:16 GMT

Boing Boing

GifCities is a search engine for classic GIFs
litebar GIFs may be hot today and some people may even think that they are a relatively new thing on the internet. If you're an internet users of a certain age, though, chances are you were already using GIFs to spice up your cool GeoCities or Tripod ...
GifCities: a search engine for vintage GIFsBoing Boing
There's Now a Search Engine for Every Animated GIF From GeoCitiesMotherboard
Search for classic GIFs in the Internet Archive's new collectionEngadget
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Thu, 27 Oct 2016 14:35:20 GMT

The Guardian

Angela Merkel: internet search engines are 'distorting perception'
The Guardian
The German chancellor said internet users had a right to know how and on what basis the information they received via search engines was channelled to them. Speaking to a media conference in Munich, Merkel said: “I'm of the opinion that algorithms must ...
Angela Merkel says internet search engines are 'distorting perception' and algorithms should be revealedThe Independent

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Fri, 28 Oct 2016 00:27:47 GMT

BBC News

China's main search engine Baidu sees first ever revenue drop
BBC News
China's leading search engine Baidu has posted its first-ever decline in quarterly revenue in the wake of regulatory pressure over ads. Revenue fell to 18.3bn yuan ($2.7bn, £2.2bn) for the third quarter, 0.7% down from a year earlier. The drop comes as ...
China search engine Baidu posts first-ever quarterly revenue declineDaily Mail
China's Baidu Offers Grim Forecast After First LossWall Street Journal
Chinese Search Giant Baidu Warns of Government Crackdown After Its First LossFortune

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